AI + Blockchain Engineer

Who We Are: Brimming with ingenuity, FLock ( symbolizes the fusion of Federated Learning and Blockchain. It mirrors our vision to create a decentralized cluster of entities unified to serve a common goal. We're pioneering the world's first on-chain privacy-preserving neural processor. Our mission? To address the growing discord between data demand and data breach risks.

FLock platform empowers data proprietors to train machine learning models without revealing their source data, ensuring consensus on output via a transparent and decentralized manner. We're proud to offer a solution that's verifiably privacy-centric, bandwidth-efficient, and interoperable among varied entities. Dive into our award-winning academic paper, presented at the NeurIPS 2022 workshop, here or explore a video explanation here.

Join Our Team: We're inviting passionate AI and Blockchain Engineers to contribute to our product's evolution and implement features from our groundbreaking in-house academic papers into production.

Your Key Responsibilities:

  • Craft, build, and test Machine Learning models authored by AI researchers
  • Construct and verify smart contracts conceived by blockchain researchers
  • Seamlessly integrate features into our primary codebase
  • Maintain FLock's open-source repositories on GitHub
  • Engage in insightful discussions and experiments stemming from new academic papers

Who You Are:


  • Proficiency in Python - a crucial skill as our work revolves around Machine Learning models
  • Proficiency in Solidity, a requisite as our tasks frequently involve blockchain interaction and smart contracts


  • Rust proficiency - a valued asset as we're exploring ZK integrations across our product line
  • Experience in Machine Learning, Web3py, and open-source blockchain projects

Join us at FLock, where innovation meets application, and contribute to the next generation of AI and Blockchain technologies.

How to Apply:

Pls send your CV to